Jadzia is a professional Tarot reader in Portland Oregon. She has lived in Portland for most of her life and considers it her home town; it is such a wonderful city. At her home-office in S.E. Portland, she offers private readings, phone readings, group classes and workshops, as well as private Tarot instruction.

She began reading professionally at fairs and festivals, such as Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in 2004. In 2006 she started seeing clients at The Goddess Gallery on Hawthorne blvd. in S.E. Portland. Since then she has built a private space at her residence to see clients, teach classes and instruct workshops.

Jadzia is the co-author of several Living Magick Learning Cards deck, which are essentially flash cards for learning Tarot, Astrology, Runes, and more. After working for a couple of years on the Tarot Learning Cards deck, they were published in 2010, with the second edition released in Fall of 2013. This deck is a set of flashcards designed to help students more easily learn the Tarot. The cards include information such as upright and reversed meanings, numerology correspondence, astrological associations, and keywords.

Tarot By Jadzia

Phone: 503-679-9634
Location: SE Portland, Woodstock Neighborhood

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