Algiz - RuneRunes have been in use for ages. They were basically used in magical charms because they were believed to have magical powers. Every rune that is known is associated with gemstones, crystals, tree, plants, shrubs, herbs, colors and elements.

Algiz is a rune that represents the alphabets Z and S. It is associated with the gemstone amethyst and the flower rush. The God linked with this rune is Heimdall. Algiz is ruled by the runic number 15 and the element air. It is a symbol of male polarity and the color gold is often linked with this rune. It corresponds to Cancer in astrology. It is also known as Eolh.

The word Algiz literally means pine woods or sedge reeds. It can also mean rapid development, protection and growth. It depicts a person with upraised arms and also elk’s antlers. The raised hands depict a protective gesture. The rune is that of protection. In the spiritual sense, it indicates reaching up to the divine power.

The rune also represents success and quick achievement of goals. It keeps a person alert and aware and protects one from attacks as well. It brings wisdom and clarity of thoughts in a person.

Algiz tells a person that because there is a power of protection within, one does not need to fear anything and move on in life even it is full of troubles. It requires a person to be rational and not reckless whenever the person does anything for his success. It also tells a person that the time is good for undertaking risky tasks as they will be successful.

When Algiz appears in a reading it indicates the presence of a danger and the need to overcome or guard against it. This protection may come from an outside source or is going on within the person through his efforts. It gives inner strength to a person and brings harmony into a person’s life. It also helps a person achieve emotional balance. The rune also helps one to make changes and adjustments in one’s life whenever problems arise. Algiz is often considered to be the power of Goddess.

When reversed, Algiz indicates a slow growth or decline. In its reverse position, the rune warns a person of being short sighted. It also tells a person that he may be unprotected and can be attacked at any time. It also asks a person not to trust anybody in its reverse position. It represents vulnerability in a person making him prone to illness and depression.

Conversely, the rune indicates that the opportunities for growth and development are hidden and will not be easily available.

It helps to ward off the evil. It represents the fruition of the efforts put in to do a work. It helps one to develop new relationships and helps one to think in a positive manner. It prevents one from giving in to desires, greed and pettiness. It helps one to stick to one’s moral values and have respect for oneself and others as well.

Properties of Algiz
Alternate Names: Algis, Algiz, Eolh, Elgr
Ancient Meaning: Sheltering force, Protection
Keywords: Spirit, protection, sanctuary, refuge, power, divinity
Elhaz represents your power to protect yourself and those around you. It also connotes the thrill and joy of a successful hunt. You are in a very enviable position right now, because you are able to maintain what you have built and reach your current goals. Enjoy.
Reversed Description:
Watch for hidden traps. Look for holes in your defenses and fill them.
Astrological Correspondence: Cancer
Tarot Correspondence: The Moon
Gods/Goddesses: Heimdall, Valkyries.
Color: Rainbow
Tree: Yew
Herb: Angelica
Stones: Rainbow Tourmaline, Fluorite, Agate, Jasper, Diamond
Animals: Elk, reindeer, swan, goose, stag (hart), ram, wolf, raven, horse, cat, bat, owl, crab, lobster, wasp, goat, boar, crane, blackbird, hound, bear, porcupine, wolverine, cock, cougar, starfish, eagle, hawk, magpie, mongoose
Element: Air
Protects from harm
Movement toward the completion of your patterns
Understands celestial correlation
Increases healing powers

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