Rune Readers

Get live Rune Readings and hear the message of this ancient magickal alphabet .

Psychic Rune Readings By MelodyOver the years of doing intuitive readings for various clients, I often found myself faced with the question “When are you going to give a class?” I hemmed. I hawed. Frankly, I did not know. I really was not sure if I could pull it off.Then the opportunity came to do the Possibilities of 2011 hosted by Jan Wren at The Inner Connection. It was a reading for the entire planet for the entire year. The evening turned out to be very successful, the audience liked it and wanted more. I never had been a fan of public speaking, but that evening clearly put me in touch with the next level of my intuitive career.

We live in these very tumultuous times. It is getting harder and harder to listen to the quiet voice from within. If you have a hard time being still and meditating (I do!), runes can be a wonderful way to reacquaint you with the small whispers (and on occasion, much louder voices) from Spirit.

My father’s sides of the family are Romnichal Irish Gypsies. The women did readings, (usually palms, playing cards, and crystal balls.) while the men smoked, drank and pulled various odd jobs to make the ends meet. Our family’s lifestyle ended when my Grandfather Alfred went to college to become an Optometrist and his brother Timothy was college educated and later became the dean of George Washington University. My father joined the military, freaked out the rest of the family because Gypsies did not join the military. He then married a Portuguese woman from Hawaii (gypsies did not marry gaudjos, non-gypsies, especially ones from Hawaii!). They had my brother and me, and the rest is history.

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