Chicago Medium Michael GourleyAt a young age I never really thought I was different, since psychic abilities weren't a stranger to my family. So, when I started school my mother wasn't surprised when she saw my drawings. When I would draw pictures, I would always shade a yellow light around the person or object. I can remember when a teacher asked, why I always included a shadow around everything. I remember telling her, "because everything has a light around them". I thought those bright lights around everyone (which later I found out were "auras") were what everyone saw. I just figured everyone experienced the same things that I did on a day to day basis. So, when I asked my mother why the teacher asked me that, my mother explained to me I was different and that I had a gift. The next few years my mother helped encourage and develop my skills to what they are today. She knew that I was going to need all the support that she could give. So she bought me books on every subject she thought would help me have a better understanding about my gift. We also played what we called the "color game". She would think of a color and she would send it to me through her mind. I always knew the correct color. The "Knowing Gift" was just as normal to me as anything else and it became apart of me and my everyday life as a child.

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As I grew into my early teens, things became a little more challenging. What seemed so normal as a child no longer did. Becoming a teenager is hard enough. Now image having a gift no one understands on top of your regular teenage issues. It was hard to keep what I knew to myself. I started to know things and say things that my friends didn't want me to know or things they haven't mentioned yet. I didn't realize it, but my friends started getting nervous. I knew about their family problems, what they were feeling and even dreams they had the night before. Sometimes, deceased family members would appear in my mind and send their loved ones a message. When the word started to get around, I began to find myself alone and it was getting harder to keep friends. So, I decided to put all my efforts in my gifts since it was the one thing no one can take away from me.

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My gift was so strong when I turned 17, that my visions could not be ignored. I started putting everything down on paper just to get it out of my head. Newspapers published my predictions, and would follow up the following year with chills, as my accuracy was intact. After that, I decided to start giving readings and word of mouth spread in what seemed like over night. I turned into a full time Psychic-Medium. When the media heard news of a young man whose predictions and medium abilities were so incredible. I was able to demonstrate with clear detail predictions that were well documented in newspapers and radio stations. I also was the youngest Psychic Medium to ever joined America's Best Psychics. After a few years I was on the right track..... so I thought. With all this new founded fame also came the downside to this gift. I had unanswered questions myself.The responsibilities that came with my gifts started to take its toll on me. How could I help people when I still didn't understand my gift? I decided to work away from everything to deal with demons with-in.

The next few years I tried to live a so-called a normal life. I went back to school and tried being " normal". No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't run away from my abilities. I tried blocking my visions, the feelings I would get, and most important, the guilt. The guilt of knowing things and not being able to help. Since I didn't want to open that door again, after a while I could not tell my own thoughts from those around me. I was seeking guidance. I turned to religion and meditation. I studied one after another. I was not satisfied with the unanswered questions I still had. After months of searching I finally found the true meaning of religion one God many faces. {Read my thought on religion}

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One evening I was meditating, like I usually did, but this time it was different. I remember having this feeling in the room that I was not alone and that I was in the presence of some thing great. I had a calming feeling that overcame me. It felt like I was in the presence of God. I felt him pushing me out a door in a direction I did not plan for. I saw myself walking outside and this time, I knew I was walking into the world as what God had made me. .. Psychic Medium. I knew I had something incredible to offer to the world. I knew right at that moment that this is what I was meant to do. If everyone had their talents to share, then I was certainly not going to hide mine anymore. So the next day, I decided that I would start my new journey by helping people get closer to their spirituality. I believe that I'm here to help guide people in the right direction to be able to receive closure.

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