Psychic mediums can help you connect to those who have crossed over.

Chicago Medium Michael GourleyAt a young age I never really thought I was different, since psychic abilities weren't a stranger to my family. So, when I started school my mother wasn't surprised when she saw my drawings. When I would draw pictures, I would always shade a yellow light around the person or object. I can remember when a teacher asked, why I always included a shadow around everything. I remember telling her, "because everything has a light around them". I thought those bright lights around everyone (which later I found out were "auras") were what everyone saw. I just figured everyone experienced the same things that I did on a day to day basis. So, when I asked my mother why the teacher asked me that, my mother explained to me I was different and that I had a gift. The next few years my mother helped encourage and develop my skills to what they are today. She knew that I was going to need all the support that she could give. So she bought me books on every subject she thought would help me have a better understanding about my gift. We also played what we called the "color game". She would think of a color and she would send it to me through her mind. I always knew the correct color. The "Knowing Gift" was just as normal to me as anything else and it became apart of me and my everyday life as a child.

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