Laura Stinchfield - Pet PsychicI am a internationally known animal communicator / pet psychic. I have become widely known as one of the best animal communicator / pet psychics in the world today.

I work with private clients including adults, children, other animal trainers, veterinarians, and rescue groups.

I have been featured in numerous newspapers and media reports. Some of them include: LA Times, ABC Atlanta, Good Morning Texas, Time Warner Cable, The Ventura County Star, Atlanta’s Q100’s The Bert Show, LA Confidential, Noozhawk, The Santa Barbara Independent & Horse People Magazine.

I am a weekly columnist for The Santa Barbara Independent & The Ojai Valley News. This column also gets posted on my Daily Blog and sent out in my newsletters. My blog and video log receive thousands of views each-day and has become a source of inspiration and comfort for animal owners, lovers and professionals around the world.

I host a weekly internet radio show with my co-host and show producer Ai Kusuhara. I talk to animals for free around the world. The show airs Live every Thursday at 12pm PST. call in line (917)889-2693 Listen Live or Download Previous Shows at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepetpsychic You can also find our Podcast in Itunes “The Pet Psychic Radio Show” or in the radio category on the Daily Blog page of this website.

My Childhood: I grew up on a fourteen-acre horse farm in a small New York town in upper Westchester County. My parents were extremely supportive of my connection to animals. They accepted all of my pets into the family: The pony I had to rescue when I was ten years old, the English Cocker Spaniel, the calico kitten I had a friend drop off with a balloon and note that read, “to Laura from your secret admirer”, the parakeet I begged my grandfather for, the rabbit for which I forged my parents’ signature in order to win at a school raffle, and the many goldfish won at the local carnival.

As long as I can remember, I knew what animals were thinking and feeling. I had no idea that not everyone understood them to the degree that I did. There were many people in my history that told me that my connection to animals was different, but I was not exactly sure what that meant.

Young Adult: Although I was naturally communicating with animals as a child, it was not until I was a young adult that I begin to think seriously about animal communication. My first experience with professional “animal communication” and sending messages to animals was through reading Penelope Smith’s book Animal Talk. At that time I had a cat, named Juliett. When I would come home from traveling, she would give me an evil glare and then scurry off into the neighborhood for days. Penelope suggested that before traveling one should send a mental picture to your animal of the number of days and nights (light to dark) you would be gone and picturing yourself happily returning home. It was amazing. The day of my arrival home, Juliett waited for me at the doorstep and slept with me purring all night long…a behavior she had never done before.

The second experience was with my German Shepherd/ coyote mix. When I was eighteen years old, I rescued Lala from an unhealthy situation guarding the local gas station. She instantly became my best friend. In 1996, I moved to California and began to study animal communication with Carol Gurney. A few days after I returned from her training program, I lied down with LaLa on the bed and asked her, “How are you feeling today?” As clear as thunder I heard her answer back, “Mom, I am dying inside”. Two months later, I found out she had cancer and I had to help Lala transition to heaven. Being present for her transition proved to be one of the most enlightening and beautiful experiences of my life. It is because of this experience that I have been able to stroke and quiet animals as they are helped to transition in county shelters or in the homes of clients and friends.

Laura Stinchfield with her family

Then came Maia, my German Shepherd/Wolf hybrid. Her story is too long to tell here. I will say, she is the sole reason I became a dog trainer and became passionate about helping animals through their fear, aggression, and unpleasant habitual behaviors. I also learned how the importance of study animal body language. You can read about that on the animal communication page.

In 1996 and 1997, I went through an intensive training program with Linda Tellington-Jones and Robyn Hood to become a certified T-Touch Practitioner. This was the start of my journey into becoming an all-positive animal trainer and linking the concept of awareness of body with that of emotional health.

My methods, teachings, and knowledge grow with every animal I encounter. I also grow with my interaction with other animal practitioners. These are the people who dedicate their lives or part of their lives to the welfare of animals.

I dedicate my life to teaching humans and animals to understand each other. Animals have an amazing ability to process complex situations. They take on our stress. They understand work stress, children’s issues, divorce, emotional and physical illness, and our insecurities and fears. They can give us wise insight into our lives. If we learn to communicate with them more clearly, their confusion and behavior problems begin to drift away and we in return become more peaceful people

I am blessed to be able to talk to them and to understand them. I am blessed to be their translator, teacher, therapist, student, and their friend.

I live in Ojai, California with Storm King (Aussie with a tail), Luca (young small standard poodle), Makia, and Serafina (my two wise cats), and Bean (my zestful bunny). Maia my deceased German Shepherd/Wolf Hybrid and Joey my deceased cat still remain my teachers. You can read about them on my blog page.

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