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Hypnotic Past-Life Regression

As a hypnotherapist, I am often asked about hypnotic past life regressions. For many, they are the stuff of fiction and not to be taken seriously. However, after conducting many, many regressions for others as well as reviewing over 20 of my own past lives, I can attest to their validity.

Past life regressions are very real and very powerful experiences. Unlike having a psychic tell you that you were Cleopatra or Napoleon (and why do they always pick famous historical people?), under hypnosis the past life unfolds in your own mind--you see it, hear it, feel it. You're the one telling the hypnotist what you see. Actually people can experience the regression in a variety of ways depending on the mode, or sense, they use most. When I am hypnotized, I see the past life in my mind; others may hear it but not see, or simply feel it. I once hypnotized a woman who described the life to me in very clear detail, but after the session revealed that she didn't "see" anything, but simply felt it all. Whatever modality the brain uses to review the past life, it still conducts the information to the person in a very real and compelling way.

What if you don't believe in past lives?

Actually belief is not required. This seems to run counter to so much that we have been taught about spirituality, but it's true. I've had clients who have told me flat out they don't believe in reincarnation, others that they weren't sure about it, but all were still been able to review past lives in order to understand issues at work in their current lives. For people who are (pardon the pun) dead-set against reincarnation, I tell them to simply view the past life as a metaphor. Applied to their issues in this manner, much like a dream, it can still tell them vast amounts about who they are and why they do what they do.

People who have never experienced it are inclined to say, "Oh, your mind is just making that stuff up," and that's certainly a possibility. I've found, however, that when I try to guess what's going to happen next in a regression, I am more often wrong than right. If I were making it up, wouldn't I know what was going to happen? In addition, most people agree that they would not choose to fantasize about the incidents that come up. I kid my husband about the fact that he gets killed more than any other person I know. He's had his throat slit, been clubbed to death, been stoned (literally), and been poisoned. I think if I were making this stuff up, I'd chose less traumatic ways to die.

And speaking of death, experiencing it in a past life regression is much easier and more peaceful than you might expect. I know death scares a lot of people to death (?), but in a regression passing over is usually a very simple and painless matter. As happens in my book, it can be done without pain and without emotion and reviewing it does not scar the present-day person. Actually, in my own experience, I've found that reliving past lives and deaths has actually taken away any fear I might have had.

Is it true that people recognize each other from past lives?

That definitely happens. In all the past lives that I've reviewed and helped others to review, this scenario comes up quite often. It seems that we interact with important people in our lives over and over again. The relationships often change, as do the sexes, but the feelings can be constant and vivid. In my past lives, I've encountered many from my current life: my husband, my father, my grandmother, my daughter. When we "meet" someone like this in a past life, we are able to recognize them even though they don't look the same. Apparently their essence, their soul, is visible to us behind the unfamiliar face.

But how relevant are past-life regressions in our modern lives?

Very. Knowing who we were, what we did, what our relationships were, and what we learned in past lives shines a unique spotlight on our challenges in this life. Knowing our past can illuminate some of the mysteries in our lives: why we have an affinity to a certain place on the planet or a fascination for a certain time in history; why we seem to choose the same supportive or abusive types of partner, why someone in our lives arouses instant sympathy or instant mistrust. Our current life is only one link in a long chain of incarnations. Knowing the past gives us a much better grasp on what we may learn and accomplish in this life.

Melissa Bowersock a certified hypnotherapist and an eclectic, award-winning writer who turns her hand to any kind of story that moves her. She has written nine novels and one non-fiction and has been both traditionally published and self-published. She thrives in the Sonoran desert of Southern Arizona with her husband and an Airedale terrier.

By Melissa Bowersock

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