Paranormal EXPParanormal EXP, co-founded by Marcus Lindsey and Clare Benavides, is a team of paranormal investigators/researchers based out of Los Angeles, CA. The team uses various technology, methodology, skills and life experiences to disprove or validate each case. Taking a scientific and logical approach to investigating, the continual findings of ‘unexplained phenomena’ is the driving force behind Paranormal EXP.

Members of the team:

Team Lead – Marcus

Tech Manager – Clare

Team History:

Paranormal EXP was founded by Marcus Lindsey and his fiance’, Clare Benavides, after taking an unexpected road trip to Vulture City Mine in Wickenburg, AZ. While there, they captured multiple unexplained voice anomalies otherwise known as “EVPs” (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) on a digital recorder. Being intrigued with what they collected, they later formed a paranormal group that they unprofessionally called, “Ghosts n’ Coins”. Using a metal detector and extremely limited paranormal equipment, their life was about to change.

In mid 2010, DJ Jojo Wright of 102.7 KIIS FM invited Marcus and Clare to investigate live on the radio at a Glendale private residence that would be heard around the nation. Marcus and Clare were more than excited for this opportunity. However, they didn’t want to use the “Ghosts n’ Coins” name, so in the next few days they came up with what is now known as Paranormal EXP. During preparations for the case, Marcus knew that they needed extra hands. He called two friends, Lex Tellas and Jason Gates, who would both be new to investigating the paranormal to help out.

In June 2011, Marcus and Clare were cast to be on the TV show, Paranormal Challenge, which would air on the Travel Channel. However, they needed a third person in order to be eligible for the show. After careful consideration, they chose Jason Gates to complete the trio.

In August 2011, Marcus, Clare, and Jason appeared on Paranormal Challenge (created and hosted by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures), where they competed against Verify Paranormal at Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, CA. Paranormal EXP came out on top for the “Ultimate in Bragging Rights” by excelling in the capture of paranormal evidence, use of technology, use of history and team work. Perhaps, the highest achievement was impressing guest judge, Dr. Michael Shermer, who is one of the world’s best known and most published skeptics.

After the team’s appearance on Paranormal Challenge, they were contacted by The Comedy Store in West Hollywood to investigate the haunted activity that had been reported throughout the years and to headline their live Halloween show, “Haunted Midnights”. The team shared video and audio footage that they had captured during their overnight investigations with several hundred people during the month. Paranormal EXP also had the honor of being contacted by Mindshare LA to give the first informative presentation about paranormal investigations to more than 350 people. Word continued to spread and they were also contacted for various radio interviews, pod casts, TV shows, and local investigations. Jason was later cast for season 2 of the TV show, Haunted Collector, that airs on Syfy. He is now currently a member of John Zaffis’s team and is currently seen on season 3 of the program.

Paranormal EXP has investigated almost a hundred locations in Southern California and across the country. These locations include places such as the notorious Black Dahlia “Murder” House, ranches, Alcatraz Island, restaurants, residential properties and historic landmarks.

The members of Paranormal EXP have been seen on the Travel Channel, Syfy, Yahoo! Screen, and heard on numerous radio shows, internet pod-casts, local radio stations and L.A.’s 102.7 KIIS-FM.

If you are experiencing what you believe to be paranormal activity, please feel free to contact us. Paranormal EXP has a 24-hour call line offering free and fully-confidential investigations.

Mission Statement:

We will try to find all possible natural explanations and suggestive influences. We always respect the locations and people that we investigate, we stay true to our beliefs and use rational judgment to validate or disprove paranormal claims.

You believe what you experience and it’s a reality to you. Paranormal EXP investigations are based on reasoned analysis. Doubt is the normal part of faith and is part of our journey for the truth. If you look at the paranormal spectrum from a purely rational perspective, neither extreme “Right” or “Wrong” is defensible. There are no experts in this field and there are no ultimate answers to any of these eternal questions.

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