Paranormal Advice on ghosts, spirits and all types of paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal EXPParanormal EXP, co-founded by Marcus Lindsey and Clare Benavides, is a team of paranormal investigators/researchers based out of Los Angeles, CA. The team uses various technology, methodology, skills and life experiences to disprove or validate each case. Taking a scientific and logical approach to investigating, the continual findings of ‘unexplained phenomena’ is the driving force behind Paranormal EXP.

Members of the team:

Team Lead – Marcus

Tech Manager – Clare

Team History:

Paranormal EXP was founded by Marcus Lindsey and his fiance’, Clare Benavides, after taking an unexpected road trip to Vulture City Mine in Wickenburg, AZ. While there, they captured multiple unexplained voice anomalies otherwise known as “EVPs” (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) on a digital recorder. Being intrigued with what they collected, they later formed a paranormal group that they unprofessionally called, “Ghosts n’ Coins”. Using a metal detector and extremely limited paranormal equipment, their life was about to change.

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