Numerologist Ruth Abrams DrayerAuthor, artist, and longtime intuitive numerologist, Ruth Abrams Drayer, lives, works, and plays in Texas. A popular lecturer, she has been a facilitator at conferences and centers across the United States. Her private practice of numerology and spiritual counseling includes clients from around the world with whom she works either in person or by telephone. This background and experience make Ruth the perfect partner to assist you in planning and envisioning a more satisfying future. She specializes in working with painters, writers, and "right-brain" adventuresome spiritual people.

Drayer's fresh look at numerology springs from her wholistic, spiritual approach to life. A world traveler, meditator, artist, yoga student, and mother to four and grandmother to six sweet souls, she studied with Dr. Juno Jordan (author of Numerology, The Romance in Your Name) and carries forward Jordan's Pythagorean line of thought and energy. Ruth's background includes art, counseling and study into many of the mystical sciences. She has appeared at Expos, on TV and radio and is well respected as an expert in her field.

Carol Adrienne, author of The Purpose of Your Life , says "Ruth Drayer is a born numerologist and insightful teacher of many mystical subjects. Drawing from numerous spiritual traditions, she adeptly offers her wealth of knowledge to help her students apply more kindness, humor and wisdom to their everyday concerns."

She is co-creator of Cybernumbers, colorful, interactive numerology software on CD.

Click here to view Ruth's collection of beautiful paintings.

Click here for information on Ruth's newest book, Nicholas & Helena Roerich, The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers, published by Quest Books.

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