Life Path Numerology and You
By Jan Jabowski

There are two types of numerology. There is your birth day numerology, which is simply the day you were born, from the number 1 to the number 31. This number is not reduced, you simply look up that particular number in the appropriate reference work on numerology, and it will tell you your traits and your tendencies.

The other type of numerology takes your complete birthdate, reduces that down to a number, and from that, chooses your life path. Numerology done in this way - combining both the birth date and the life path date, can be extremely powerful tools in helping you learn about yourself.

Life path numerology can help you achieve your goals, but, as in astrology or any other process which helps you determine your tendencies and traits, it is only a tool. You yourself must still put in the effort to make it work...or to fix those traits that might hold you back from your ambitions.

For example, if your life path number is a "1," this means that you are highly ambitious, and the best outlet for your talents is to become a CEO, or an officer in the military, and so on. If you're ambitions are blocked for any reason, your tendencies may lead you down a different path - the leader of a gang, for example! Or a politician!

There are many sources on the web that discuss life path numerology, and of course there are also a variety of books available on the subject. These resources go into far more detail about numerology than are possible in a brief article discussing the subject.

Numerology has been extant since almost the beginning of time. Mathematicians like Pythagoras (ever heard of the Pythagoras Theorem) and St. Augustine of Hippo worked on the theory that numbers had special, even mystical meanings. According to Hippo - "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth."

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