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Getting the most out of a psychic reading is important to those seeking advice online or in person at a local shop. There are many things to look for and to take into consideration before choosing a psychic. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and connected to the person providing your service. Its ok to be a little a nervous, especially if its your first time but you should never feel scared or unsettled. You also must steer clear of anyone who starts of with any dark or ominous messages. A true reader wants to see you empowered and uplifted so they will never use scare tactics or negative messages meant to frighten you in any way .

During a reading some advisers use special tools to conduct the session some do not . The tools are not important and are only an energy channel used by the seer to predict future events, give you messages from spirit guides or help you see a life path more clearly . Some do not use any tools at all and are able to see feel or hear messages using their sixth sense only or receive messages from those who have crossed over. No one can say any method is better than another it is personal preference for the seeker to make when choosing the right person for the job.

There are many tools that a psychic reader will use when divining the future or to assist a client the list below id far from complete but list common choices for the majority of advisers.

Some of the typical tools a psychic may utilize during a reading are :

  1. Cards - Some readers will use some form of cartomancy when reading a client . There are many different types of cards such as tarot, oracle cards or just plain playing cards. The reader will choose a deck they feel connected to and utilize the deck to do your reading.

  2. Crystal Balls or Scrying Mirrors -This type of reading requires the reader to gaze into the crystal ball or scrying mirror by utilizing second sight they will receive pictures and images that foretell the future.

  3. Runes - Special tiles or stones with an ancient alphabet printed on each . The runes are cast and interpreted .

  4. Pendulums - Are weighted objects at the end of a chain or rope and are used to channel spirit and answer questions asked by the client.

  5. Automatic Writing - In this method of divination the reader holds a pen and enters an altered state where spirit is able to impart messages by using the readers hand and a sheet of paper.

  6. Ouija Boards - This type of reading is conducted when a ouija or spirit board is layed out and the reader allows a spirit to contact them by moving a planchette to letters on the board that spell out messages.

  7. IChing - The Iching coins are tossed and interpreted .

  8. Tea Leaves - The remnant of tea leaves are read by interpreting the patterns and shape of the tea leaves left in a tea cup after consumption by the client.

Psychic Abilties that do not require tools have specific names, in order to obtain the type of reading you want, being familiar with these terms is advisable.

  1. Clairvoyant - Has the ability to see information about a person , object or event outside of the normal scope of their experience.
  2. Medium - Is able to communicate with the people who have crossed over to the after life.
  3. Clairaudient - Has the ability to gain information using auditory messages received regarding past , present or future events.
  4. Psychometry - This is when information is gathered by touching objects to gather extra sensory information outside of the normal scope of knowledge.
  5. Clairsentient - Is a person who gains psychic knowledge by feeling .
  6. Past Life Reader - This type of reader will be able to read the akashic records and tell you about your past lives.
  7. Spirit Channel - Spirits communicate through the psychic to give messages.
  8. Physical Medium - A physical medium will manifest the spirit communication through ectoplasmic discharge during spirit communication.
  9. Empathic - An empathic reader will psychically tune into the emotions surrounding a situation or the emotions of the people involved.
  10. Palm Reading - The lines of the palm are examined and interpreted by a palmist.

All these facts may seem a little overwhelming but if you are going to put your trust into someone who will help you with your most pressing issues and intimate concerns being educated about who they are and what they offer is very important .

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